Earth Emergency

A declaration of change for the future

A body to represent civic society and our shared human values and traditions

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Action Earth is a call to people everywhere to get informed, take action and inspire others

Some Early Signatories

Herbie Girardet, Schumacher Society, Bristol
Jane Taylor, Shauna Crockett Burrrows, Positive News UK
Francesca Romana Giordano, Sustainable Society, London
Liz Hosken and Ed Posey, Gaia Foundation, London
Jakob Von Uexkull, Right Livelihood Foundation, Sweden
Nick Nielsen, Envision, London
Anita Roddick, The Body Shop
James Robertson economist and author
Fritjof Capra, physicist and author, USA
Hazel Henderson economist and author USA
Bernard Lietaer, economist and author, The Terra Foundation, Belgium and USA
Susan George, author, Transnational Institute, Amsterdam
Elisabet Sahtouris, evolution biologist and author, USA
Manfred Max Neef, author and barefoot economist. Chile
Charles Secrett, Tony Juniper, Friends of the Earth, UK
Ed Mayo, New Economics Foundation, London
Teddy Goldsmith, Ecologist Magazine, London and L' Ecologiste, Paris
Satish Kumar, Resurgence Magazine, Hartland
Helena Norberg Hodge,International Society for Ecology and Culture, Dartington
Vandana Shiva, Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, Delhi
The Rt. Rev. John Oliver, Bishop of Hereford, UK
Cy Grant, musician UK
Gary Alexander, author, Open University UK
Mark Lynas writer UK
Duane Elgin, author The Compassionate Revolution, USA
Centre for Ecoliteracy, Berkeley, USA
Jon Mendel, Tony Vickers, Henry George Foundation, London
Roger Doudna, Alan Watson Featherstone, Restore the Earth, Findhorn
Michael Hill, ROSE Foundation, Findhorn
John Bunzl, Simultaneous Policy Organisation, London
The Action Research Unit, Delhi
Management Institute for Social Change (MINSOC) Asia
Sustainable Development Network (SUSDEN) Malaysia
Sustainable Kuantan Initiative, Malaysia
David and Fran Korten, People Centred Development Forum, USA
Dr. Hermann Scheer, Member Bundestag, President Eurosolar, Bonn
Dr. Caroline Lucas, Member European Parliament
Robin Harper, Member Scottish Parliament
Professor Margrit Kennedy Professor Declan Kennedy, Lebensgarten, Germany
Titus Alexander, author, Charter 99, Campaign for Global Democracy, London
Peter Forrest T.H.E. Foundation, Liverpool, UK
Christine Eynon, Sustainable Wales, UK
Ian Mason, School of Economic Science, London
Ann Pettifor, Jubilee Research
Jackie Carpenter, Energy 21, UK
Rory Spowers, The Web of Hope
Peter McCaig, Green Events, London
Sustainable Ireland Co-operative
Anti-Globalisation Network
Roger Benson, Creative Partnerships UK
Vance Martin, The Wild Foundation, USA
Jean Hudon, Earth Rainbow Network, USA
Rob Wheeler, Global Peoples Assembly Network, USA
Dr. Art Roukens de Lange South African New Economics Foundation
Barbara Panvel
The Yes Men,
Simplice Douglas Siebetcheu, Nsamb'art, Cameroon
Domiziana Giordano,, Italy
Sustainable Futures
Beth Burrows, The Edmonds Institute, USA
Zoran Petrovski, Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje, Macedonia
Jerold Hubbard, Morton County Citizens for Responsible Government, USA
Yves Falck, La Politique Simultanee, France
London School of Economics Environmental Initiatives Network (LSE EIN)
Simon Burall, Director, One World Trust
Elaine Brook & Paul Swatridge, Gaia Co-operative.
James McGuigan
Annelies Borsboom
Fran Korten
Denis Hay
Dr. D. Jeevan Kumar
Mark Lynas
Meinrad Nell
Nicole Nell
Luis Martin Nell
Bruce Nixon
Eamon Sweeney
Mike Kavanagh
Beth Burrows, The Edmonds Institute, USA
Zoran Petrovski, Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje, Macedonia
Jerold Hubbard, Morton County Citizens for Responsible Government, USA
The National Federation of Women's Institutes
Moyra Bremner, writer & broadcaster UK
Mark Lynas, writer UK
Oliver Tickell, writer UK
Ross Stuart, Gaia Trust, Denmark
Centre for Ethical Leadership, Canada
Veronica Sacred Arts, USA
Sustainable Cities Trust, Christchurch, New Zealand
The National Federation of Women's Institutes
Australian Green Party
Oxford Research Group, UK
Peace Direct, UK
Children are the Future (Belgium)
Mediasculpt - New Zealand
Soroptomist International
Left Alliance UK
Green Socialist Network UK
Kairos - Canada
The Reiki Way UK
Ocean Love Organisation, France
Landlove Organisation, France
Institute for Planetary Synthesis - Switzerland
Dream Weaving International UK
Global Vision Corporation - Ireland
Talavaya - USA
Indigenous Dialogues Foundation - Netherlands
Global Action Plan - USA
Satori International - USA
South Asia Federalist
Clean Air Action Group: (National Federation of 122 Hungarian NGOs)
New Road Map Foundation - USA
Steady State Revolution - USA
Faslane Peace Camp
Friendship Donations Network
Gerechte Wirtschaftsordnung-CGW-e.v, Germany
Starwheel Foundation
Seed of Life Peace Foundation
The Marion Foundation , UK
Centre Link Trust, UK
West Den Network, UK
Earth Summit for All
Proutist Universal - New York Sector
Proutist International
Namaste Publishing
London School of Economics, Environmental Initiatives Network
Internet-Initiative EMANZIPATION HUMANUM []
Gesellschaft f|r Zukunftsmodelle und Systemkririk e.V. - GZS, Germany
Focus Transpersonal Therapies, Dunedin, New Zealand
The Reed Programme USA
Ecopolis Australia
Permaculture Institute of El Salvador
The Seed Savers Network UK
New Zealand Conservancy Trust
Permaculture New Zealand Inc.
Heartfood Farms, Canada
Roots of Peace, Seeds of Justice
Biodynamic Agricultural Association
The Forster Co.
Iniativ Liewensifank (NGO) , Luxembourg
Brooklyn Bridge Connections to the Future, USA
Rainbow Project, Switzerland
Holistic Holidays, Lanzarote
Sustainable Energy Energy Action, London
Australians for Animals
Equilibrismus eV Munich
Wholistic World Vision, UK
Living Legacies, New Zealand
Gaia Architects, Edinburgh
Gaia Research, Edinburgh
A Seed Europe, Amsterdam
Devon Sangha of Community
The Greenhouse, UK
Global Strategies Project
Green Party, Skeena Riding, UK
The Web of Hope UK
Heaven on Earth
Climb for Tibet
Quakers in Pembrokeshire, Wales
Focus Transpersonal Therapies, Dunedin, New Zealand

There is still time to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, if we take strong action now. The scientific evidence is now overwhelming: climate change is a serious global threat, and it demands an urgent global response.

The Charter is an authoritative synthesis of values, principles, and aspirations reflecting extensive international consultations.

WWF's periodic update on the state of the world's ecosystems - as measured by the Living Planet Indexand Ecological Footprint

UNEP Global Environmental Outlook - charts the environmental degradation of the last 30 years since the first world environment conference in Stockholm in 1972

An agenda for equity and ecology for the next decade. Environmental care is key for ensuring livelihood and health for the marginalised and that there can be no poverty eradication without ecology

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